The face is one of the parts of the body that can immediately capture your attention. There are people who are blessed with the perfect and equal quadrants that many say is the reason why most of the people find someone beautiful. While this may be true, there are different ways to achieve the perfect balance in the different parts of your face. There are many problems that people and mostly women may encounter.

Some women may complain that their forehead is too large, their eyes too small and narrow, their lips too thin. These are just some of the examples that plague women each day. The highly technological times that we are living now somehow provide a solution to the different problems that each one may have. For the problem of the face, there are different solutions such as knowing how to put on makeup to achieve the kind of symmetry that you wanted. There are different techniques that you should learn and can even use in your everyday life.

Make-up 101

There are different tips that are very easy and effective on how to apply makeup. Follow these steps and you are all set to go.

  • Moisturizer is your friend. Regardless of what your skin type you need to know the type of moisturizer that your skin needs and ensure that you have this at your disposal. This is the first thing that you should apply to your face. This will make the application of the next type of make-up easier while protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Concealer at a minimum. The best make-up is the kind which is natural looking and would seem like the normal skin tone that you have. Thus, the concealer should be put on the key affected areas of the under eye circles and facial blemishes. Also make sure that the color of concealer that matches the color of your skin.
  • Foundation stick is the next step. A stick is easier and more precise in the application. Make lines on your cheekbones, sides of the nose and above your eyebrows. Then simply blend this with your fingers.
  • Sculpt and highlight cheekbones. Once you have ensured that you properly blended the foundation in your face, you are now ready to put some emphasis to your cheekbones. Cream blush is your best choice. From the apples of your cheek work your way towards the temples using your fingers.
  • Spotlight on your eyes. A silvery type of eyeshadow will brighten your eyes and provide the glow effect that you wanted to achieve. To apply this type of eyeshadow from lash to the bones of your brows. Since oil is your enemy, ensure that you apply a primer to avoid the shadow from smearing.
  • Brows and mascara will complete the look. Make sure you brush up your brows and apply with a pencil the gaps that may occur.

If you are having a difficulty in following the instructions and wanted more in depth and visual instructions, there are make-up tutorials online that will walk you through each step and the different make up selection that you should know about.

There’s a vast selection of make-up that is available in the market today. To be able to put on the perfect make-up, you should know what kind of make-up you should have in your bag in the different kinds of occasion. Taking for example a wedding. This is perhaps the most important day in a woman’s life, thus you will need to apply the wedding makeup.

You may have checked everything off your list, but you should not forget the most important thing that will be seen in the videos and pictures even after years may pass. The different bridal makeup will tell the story of the wedding day. More than the style it is important that the brand of make-up used is reliable to be able to withstand the number of hours and the other factors such as heat during the wedding day.

You wouldn’t want a soggy, make-up even before the pictorials start. One of the most trusted make up are Mac Cosmetics. This has over 100 different shades for the eyes, lips and face that you could choose from. This is also one of the reasons why this should be one of the choices that you should consider on any occasion, and most especially on your wedding day. The MAC make-up will make the difference that you are looking for

Reasons why MAC make-up is a top brand:

  • Oil free. This is the best choice, especially for those women with oily skin. There is less likelihood that your face will turn into the oily beast that you are afraid of.
  • Customize for you. The vast selection of MAC products has been a proof that customer satisfaction is a priority. They have a specific cleanser for oily skin and leaves it fresh and not at all dry.
  • Primer holds everything together. This ensures that your make-up will stay just like how you applied it all day. No creases and no smudges.

Another brand that is very reliable when it comes to make up if from Benefit cosmetics. Their colorful boutiques will say it all. This will make you truly love being a girl. This company prides itself on being the handy quick fix for beauty problems. They practically have the solution to all the girly problems such as:

  • Dull skin-start with the triple performing facial emulsion to protect the skin and followed by the moisture facial cream that maintains hydration. This is perfected by the product they call “that gal” it is a face primer which has raspberry and chamomile.
  • Stressed- using the refined finish facial polish which has seaweed extract and natural clay which works for skin purification and pore minimization. To finalize it with “hello flawless” which is an oil free powder to achieve the flawless face you have been dreaming of.
  • Dark circles- the potent eye cream is the solution to all of this. It smoothens lines and if followed by the erase paste which is a concealer, this will make it seem like stress has never been in your vocabulary.

The life of a make-up artist

These are just basic examples of the things that you should know given that you are a regular individual learning the basics of make-up and how to use it. Being a makeup artist however is another story.

This takes time and understanding how the play of colors in each skin type makes a difference in the final output. They are one of a kind since the skill that they have will be seen in the outcome of each of their clients face. Their goal is to deliver the look that their client would demand Most of the make-up artists are female and this is not a surprise. There are different ranges of industries which a make-up artist can work, and this industry will determine the make-up artist salary. There are different kinds of make-up artist such as:

  • Freelance make-up artist- this includes jobs such as the wedding’s where referral is where clients were determined. They may also do actor’s make up in small indie films or even pictorials. These are the people who do not have a fix schedule and would highly depend on the booking for the different jobs that may arise.
  • Single employer- these are the people who may work in a salon with fixed work hours and are tasked to do the make-up of walk in clients.

If you are considering this as a career there are a few points you should know such as:

  • Most of them are employed in the video industries. This is not a surprise given the different opportunities for them to hone their craft.
  • Those in the movie industry earning at an average makeup artist salary of $88,000 per year.
  • Those in the amusement park average income are at $41,000 per year.Concentration of them are in the urban areas and this makes a difference in the recorded income that they have.
  • Those in New York earning the most at an average of $93,000 per year. Then again, you have to consider the cost of living in the area.
  • This is one of the slowest growing industries, thus salaries could be relatively high.

The different faces of each person are like a canvas waiting to be painted. The different types of cosmetics available in the market make it possible to transform you into a totally different person. The key is knowing what kind of cosmetic you should use, and the kind of skill you need to have in using it.

The blending, the colors, the intensity of each cosmetic is art in action, but to ensure that this art is preserved for everyone to see you should know the right brand and the right kind to use in every beauty emergency that you may have. It does not take a make-up artist to make you beautiful, but for those who needs it in special events a handy make-up artist is just in your neighborhood.